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we provide the solution for senior living real estate crowdfunding

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Although we have many years of experience with managing homes for senior living, we continue to seek opportunities to improve our service to residents. Seeking investors often proved to be expensive and difficult to secure deals.

We realized that having investors would have helped to grow and expand our residences. This realization led us to start Accex Capital. Accex Capital will help companies that are actively seeking to investors to assist them with securing funds to make their vision happen.

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Stable Markets.

Our industry is among the most stable in the U.S. minimizing all financial risks.

A Team Of Professionals.

Extensive Real Estate knowledge from building to operating. We got all fronts covered.

Sustained Growth.

As an investor you can watch your funds only grow in time in the safest environment.

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Years of experience managing properties helped make us professionals in the matter. 

  • Professional investment guidance
  • Project Funding
  • Profit on all investments made with us
  • 30 years of continuous experience